We offer

We offer people transportation with 5 seat cars (station wagons) and up to 9 seat minivans (multi-purpose vehicles).


We can help you with:

- Transfers (e.g. droves between towns and/or countries, hotels, ports, spa-s)

- Business trips to meeting(s), conference etc.

- Cultural events to theatre, concert, cinema etc.

- Sport events (e.g. training camp, competition)

- Family events (e.g. weddings, birthdays, funerals)

- Employees transportation from home to work and backwards


On top of that we offer a chance to subscribe a driver with a long time experience, such as:

- Motorbike (category A)

- Car (category B, C and E)

- Tractor and mobile machinery (category T and R)

- Small craft/boat (with size up to 25 meters)